Why the world must be protected absolutely?

Why the world must be protected absolutely?

      The world is a very large and beautiful planet where people are called to live and to share things together.

Saving it, is our duty for us to continue to enjoy its amazing nature with love and harmony. Anything that exists in this world has its role and importance. That is the reason why, as human being we need to protect our environment to be sure of living in better condition. The presence of animals, trees, rivers, sea, etc… All that makes our life looks meaningful, because with it contributes to our health and salvation.
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The world means also you and me and others, nature. If we want to be happy to be part of this life, the first thing to think about should be, love, and once we have love, the world would be saved and protected and at the moment we do it our life would be saved so that peace would reign. The protection of the world is like protecting our family, children, work through what we have insurance of surviving… Nothing should conduct us to bad intention what it comes to the use of the nature.
Without the environment that is controlled in serious methods or without serious people who love the nature, the world would be always in danger. Do we know that everything in this life breaths, which means that any single existence of creation by God, lives.

To say that, if we live, we must breath, and if we must breath, we would need the air ( pure and fresh air). For this element to be pure and fresh we must protect the world (nature) with all its components that, as we all know are helpful for human being life.
Here, in this video we can see the beautiful life of the nature 


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