Why must you marry the two lovers

Why must you marry the two lovers,
@Con Mug is one of the Love Me Again members on Facebook . He is unable to decide. Two girls with different ages really mashed his head. Now he seeking for help to take a good decision. He said as follow:

Love!!! love!! love! is driving me crazy, my lovers are two ,one of them is a young girl of 14 years whom i love with all my heart. The next one is a lady that my parents introduced to me, she is 25 yrs en am 21 years old. My parents think that she will make a good wife to me and be motherly to my son. My parents want me to get married to her once i turn 22 next years old. But in my heart, i feel that i love the one with 14 years.
Some of you may wonder how i got my son, right? It was a goodness of heart . I found him in hospital abandoned by his parents. And later, the same parents decided to give the son to me. I finally agreed to have the newborn  baby boy as my son. My parents told me to be a father to him. That is why i call him my son.  Now  i am in confusion my 14 years lover, she loves my son too, and takes him as a brother.  My 25 years lover does not even know  that i am a father to this kid.

What should i do now? Who should i marry?? Who will be motherly to this boy???

Hi, dear readers, do you think you can suggest something to Mr Mug?
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