Why are you still single?

Why are you still single?
Being single always depends on multiple factors. Also it is not said that, getting someone beside, it always solves problems or assure a successful life or the failure. life is beautiful but it is requested to be careful in anything someone does in his/her existence to generate joy, opportunities and peace.

If you think you are single and you really want to have someone to share your life with and you find difficult to have the person of your choice, probably your  time never reached yet to be satisfied by a soulmate who would love you sincerely the same way you would do to him or to her… There are many people who deserve the love of others and they cannot meet together for the simple reason that their zones where they live are so far each from other. But that is the not the problem, at all. Love has an irresistible attraction, love is power. Yes! With love everything is possible (Celine Dion @Love can move mountains) It is very necessary to know how to control it. It is primordial to know how to make a great choice. Fix a particular program to live and to live with someone when it is time.

Okay good! An issue that seems unknown or rejected by some people is: how many times did someone say no? or yes for a relationship or for a marriage? How many times did someone get divorced. How many times did someone celebrate the wedding with how many partners? Okay The more you divorce the more you remain single. Probably you have not learnt how to make a great choice. Probably you do not have chance to live with good acceptance of others. Probably you were not born to live with someone maritally
Now, what if you are not capable to resist to arguments that conduct sometime to misunderstanding which usually would give an impression of being underestimated?
To avoid any disappointment in love, it is very important to improve the ability to know oneself and obviously to learn how to be tolerant.

Take a good decision and you would not be alone again, if you do. No one must be single.
Your soulmate is knocking on your door… Go and open that door for your wishes to be fulfilled.


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