Why are you not allowed to give up?

Why are we not allowed to give up?

   Giving up is not the best way to live. Doing it let us to reduce our energy negatively in our commitment we would like to attempt. It should be better to maintain the fact that everything has its own time, fear or failure are unknown words for human being life  . And if we have not received yet what we want, probably its moment has not yet taken place. What to do? The hope is what makes us to love this life with all its components.

Through God we obtain everything we want. Hoping would be also considered like having the trust in God for His Oneness .
God Is the hope. At the moment we lose hope automatically our faith would be compromised. How should we do to not arrive at that point? We know that the confusion in the society where we live everyday is permanent and it provokes a lot of desperation such as ( family, career, or project why not in friendship or relationship) If we were married, unfortunately we get divorced, we have children, they would be living out side of our zone, we have friends they would start going away from us.
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We definitively feel abandoned. To avoid all these incidents we need to continue to maintain our calm and faith Through God life force . Doing it, our road is always opened and at any time we would succeed. We need to be strong  in anything we do to achieve our goal,  despite the obstacles. The best deserved  result is defined by our determination

Hope is power


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