What is the most painful punishment a man can give to his wife?

What is the most painful punishment a man can give to his wife Do you agree letting your woman in this way? Join Love Me Again Group Facebook to have a good answer

 It isn’t a man’s role to punish his wife. It is a man’s role to support and love his partner, to engage with her as an equal. Long gone are the days of men as lord and master, with whip and fist creating discipline around them. Welcome are the days of equality, where men and women march forth by conscious decision to face life’s challenges together.     Sure there will be disagreements, but neither of you is in a position of mastery, entitled to use punishment against the other. Punishment is a tool to be selectively used with children as their cognitive skills aren’t necessarily high enough to understand logic or to resist temptations, but even there it needs to be used very sparingly and physical punishment avoided as much as possible. save love

 So punish yourself for thinking you have a right to punish another. Then forgive yourself and rebuild your approach.


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