Praying is the way to live with peace and love for others
First, prayer is the specific means of communication with God. Since God is personal, we can talk to Him just as we would talk to anyone we want to stay in communication and relationship with. So, the bottom line and short answer is simple: If you want to have and maintain a relationship with God, the One who created you, then prayer is not only beneficial it is absolutely necessary. prayer2

   Think for a moment why people communicate. There are numerous reasons… so too with God. We can talk to people to get things from them, to give things to them, for comfort, or comforting, for companionship, teaching, learning, loving and to be loved… It is the same with God… except for one big difference. We can not directly access this communication with God. There is an essential mediating factor. We can not directly communicate with or know God without going through His Son, Jesus Christ. We must have our fundamental selfishness (sin) removed and forgiven through the cross. We must spend time learning about all that God has done throughout history and especially the promises of His Word in the Bible. We must learn to trust Him.

Praying is saying thanks to god for everything he gave us,like not finishing the human race after prophet Adam ate the forbidden fruit,and the fact that he did not kill all the humans in the flood,and the fact that he can forgive you not matter how bad you crime is except murder which you need forgiveness from the family of the dead person,and that he created the sky on earth that protects us from the bacteria in space,the cold climate or the heat of the sun,and that he made us superior to other species on the planet,and gave us a brain to think and create,praying shields you from Satan,how many times did you hear whispers telling you to do a bad thing but you fought back i know i had some bad things whispered to me,yes Satan does not force you to make the bad thing he just puts the idea in your head its up to you to accept it or fight back,praying provides some kind of inner peace and harmony between your senses,praying keeps reminding you of your place in this universe .

   Prayer becomes rich and rewarding when we pray and communicate with God according to His will. We can know His will through knowing His Word. prayer3

NB: “Man does not live by bread alone but by every word that proceeds from the mouth of God” and Jesus just before He was crucified: “Father, if you are willing, take this cup from me; yet not my will, but yours be done.”

Pray for peace and salvation prayer


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