This is the reason why i am still single

Together with some of my friends, I decided to do an experiment and went on Tinder and Bumble for a couple weeks in late January—we even got the “premium paid” versions—because we were so curious to see how girls behaved on these apps. Spent like $40—expensive, but not the end of the world.

Something really weird happened. We did the ridiculous. You could call it “experimenting”—it’s probably more like 20-something guys being immature.

Our first experiment was with our bios. The three of us all went “live” with the same bios (word for word) to see if the same girls would match with us. They didn’t, which means girls don’t read a bio until they match with a guy.

Our next experiment was with our conversations in the apps with our matches. We first tried “being ourselves” and talking in a stream-of-consciousness manner.

Being yourself is the best policy, right?

WRONG. Girls hated the stream-of-consciousness, and in a lot of cases, stopped talking to us or completely unmatched us. mono

Then, we tried talking to the girls in a “bragging” fashion. We would basically boast about ourselves to the point of absurdity. Some girls found this amusing for a while, but like the above, most of them stopped talking to us after a couple brags. Many of them accused us of out-right lying, even though we weren’t.

Next, we tried self-deprecating humor. Girls responded much more favorably to our jokes. Our conversations were much more friendly and fluid.

Finally, we tried interacting with girls based on THEIR interests. We got into some long-winded conversations which led to a lot of opportunities for dates. This seemed to be the best option, and my friends ultimately went on a few dates after building some rapport with the girls.

For me, the experiment came with a surprise: I didn’t want to date any of the girls I talked to.

That’s why I’m still single.


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