The Cameroonian separatist, Mr Julius Sisiku Ayuk Tabe has been finally arrested in Nigeria

Mr Ayuk Tabe is claiming to be the head of state of so called Ambazonia that unites  two provinces: South west and North west of  Cameroon. He declared the independence of the ambazonia republic (fictive) without  requesting the point of view of the population who lives in that zone of the country, neither to consult the head of state H.E Mr Paul Biya, president of the republic of Cameroon… On Friday 5th, January 2018, Mr Julius Ayuk Tabe has been finally arrested in Nigeria where he was planing to excite the population of western Cameroon that speaks English to fight for the freedom.
This problem has taken place since 2016. To define the reasons of this situation, some people say it could be a old system to destabilize the country because of its land that is rich in natural resources. Other people say that anglophone zone in Cameroon is marginalized by the system, some other even go far saying that the french system is the cause of what is happening in most African countries that are part of french colonies.             Could this fact push anglophone people to claim their own state!!??? This would surprise enormously the whole African continent because the duty of African people is to be united instead to be divided if they really want to develop this part of abandoned era where children have a lot of difficulties to receive a good education.
Cameroon is a bilingual country (English and French spoken)… If the truth is among all that is written above, what to consider? Could the use of the colonial  language define the ethic and deontology in a nation? ( the rightness of an action)
What is more powerful: the mother language or colonial language?IMG_0109

The separatist Mr Ayuk Tabe, after being arrested in Nigeria, with the collaboration of the high security services of the country with Cameroonian security agents,  two days and two nights, he is in the central prison of Kondengui in Yaounde, Cameroon where he is called in front of the court to give all the motivations that pushed him to such atrocities as the commitment in this 21th century. After listening to what he will say, the conspiracy is going to be detected, and probably all the band is going to be interrogated, and surely, the peace will reign in that beautiful nation. Because the love is the key of the living together, and so the union is the common word for the whole African continent.



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