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The story you are going to read is about two young students. After taking a time to think about what should be the solutions, you can reply if necessary on our contacts field in case of any suggestions, thank you. Enjoy Love Me Again  platform.
One of our Group members on Facebook seeking for help to save her relationship, said as follow:
Hello people
I am going through a lot of emotional plight of late…
I met this amazing guy in campus and we got along really well. We never got to spend time together because the semester ended and I was off for holiday. We therefore opted to texting. Our conversations were really awkward because after greetings and stuff, they really struggled because we didn’t know what to talk about. Then one day, he referred to me as a ‘buddy’ and everything took a turnaround. I got ill advised by friends to tell him about my feelings. I don’t even know what came over me because I texted him irrelevant things. I texted him this “Hey I feel this connection missing in our chats. Like something is not right. Maybe i am the only one who feels this way. I have no idea. Then his reply was this, love is blind
“I apologize if that bothers you. I believe much of that comes with bonding and knowing you more. I am willing to be the friend you desire. Is there anything you think we could do about that?”. Then after that I snapped again and wrote..” The problem is that I fear you. When I talk to you I really tense up and don’t know what to say. I was hoping we could talk more… I mean less serious conversations. I don’t want to fear a good friend like you. ” Then he replied..” Its okay. I will make it my personal initiative to lessen any official tone. I also desire to be a good friend.
We have been conversing after that and I am afraid what I said will make him think less of me. I am  afraid to lose him because our thing had been very promising.
Please help…
Thank you


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