Someone said: “Love is blind and the marriage is the institution for the blind”
If love is blind, it is only blind to hopelessness, conformity and stereotypes. Sexual attraction, maybe it is what is blind. Let us assume that you love your parents and your children, like in this video , but you can see their mistakes. Then, love in physical way, this is what is it below

  Love makes a person so innocent that the person blindly trust his/ her partner. That is why it’s often said that love is blind. Truly love should be blind because if you cannot trust someone more than anything in this universe then you can never love him/ her with all your soul and heart. When two person love one another they should openly share everything between them. All the sorrows, experiences, pleasure, dreams and aspirations. Only then their bond will become very strong and unbreakable.
Watch this video A very attractive woman walking, to make someone getting so-called blind

   If you are not open , honest and truthful with your partner. If you are not comfortable to share your deepest secret with your partner. It’s better to break your relationship. Love may increase or decrease with time and the pressure of responsibility. But trust always remain the same. So love teaches us to believe in our partner. We need to create entertainment as lovers

  But before falling in love and entrusting the person completely have the courage to know about him/ her. Don’t be blind to accept them without knowing their past. Trust is a very big access, before handing it to anyone know them properly. Only when you are very sure then only love them with all your heart and soul.

  Love can never be blind , love enriches us with knowledge and makes us experience divinity. But yes if you love someone without analyzing and introspecting you will land up trusting them blindly . Then you will experience a very hard blow right on your face that will shake you internally.

  It is we who choose a wrong person to bestow our trust, faith and love and after experiencing adverse situation we blame love for it. Love has no mistake . It’s pure and pious , it is we who are not aware of our flaws and even not able to recognize the people who play with trust.
Love is not blind because God is not blind.


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