If you love your husband or you wife how would you do to safe him or her from danger?
The question we all ask ourselves is: “when are we going to get married”?
Another question always disturbs our brain, “what would be the next step in the marriage” Are we capable to protect each other?

A good love of husband and wife must be supposed to be at the center of the attention one from other despite the misunderstandings that are unavoidable in marriage. Greg was very happy married man. He was planing to make children with his wife, but the day of a wedding, he tried to commit a suicide. What crazy! This cannot happen to a serious and a decided woman ready to start her new life in family. A wedding is a great moment for any person who lives on earth. A lovely lady prohibited her husband to go ahead with sort of irresponsibility. But she needed strength to save her lover. baby

She thought that by the death of her love, her family would be devastated. Saving her husband from bad intentions was also to save her entire family.
rationally, what was in her mind was to make people to feel happy even she would be upset through the situation anyway. And finally she asked millions  questions at the same time. She was losing all her energy, her husband was refusing to abandon the unnecessary road, but she refused also to abandon him too, to save her love. baby2

At the end,  she has done, which demonstrated the capacity that love has when it comes to save human being life


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