How to go viral on YouTube?

YouTube is one of the largest platforms on earth in this moment. Billion of people navigate searching amazing  channels to subscribe to watch the videos that the owners of YouTube channels make every minute. Google has bought YouTube, now the platform is in under its control. Which becomes very easy for youtubers to promote their channels.
How to go viral on YouTube? The question is hardly asked by most of youtubers, most specially for those who have as objectives to earn money with their videos. Now to go viral on YouTube, that requests a lot of work:

1- Your Channel must have a good look (thumbnail) with meaningful tittle.
2- Making great videos, let people to know what your video is all about.
3- Once your video is uploaded, use the subtitles to make sure everybody understands your video.
4- Descriptions are one of the best way to letting people to watch your video with interest ( make a meaningful description for your videos)
5- Use metadatas to let google engine to show your channel or videos when someone write words that match with with descriptions.
6- Use tags on your Channel or videos
7- Ask people to subscribe ans share or comment (put subscribe button on your videos. tube3
8- Create Google Plus community to post your channels or your videos
9- Share your channel or videos with other social medias such as: Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus, Tumblr, Reddit etc )
10- Upload videos to your Channel continuously to keep subscribers coming to watch your video.
Good luck! tube


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