How should we live avoiding sex diseases? The mystery behind sex

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One of the most powerful channels of transmission among the doors of a human body is sex.
This is the reason why satan recovered sex to influence and control the earth.
I will explain a simple mystery.
During sexual intercourse, there is what is called the exchange of fluids or secretions and therefore exchange of seed. PALPABLE AND SPIRITUAL SEED

     In fact, each partner will transmit to the other its seed, a part of itself in liquid or spiritual form, which will be in its image and according to its resemblance.
Knowing that the human being is tri-partte that is to say composed of three parts namely the body the soul and the spirit, its seed is also.

In turn, each will transfer by his seed a copy of himself to his spouse and as the soul is in the blood, and that family ties, hereditary, and alliances are also linked to blood, there will be transfer of ties , Energy, altars, etc. For when two bodies mate, they form one flesh. Recall that life, death, health, disease, success, failure, royalty, slavery, blessing, curse are in the blood and that as much the blessing is contagious, is also.
Therefore, in five minutes of pleasure, if you have not been careful, you can destroy your star.

So be careful with whom you lie because you do not know where your partner’s bloodline and his spirits come from.
Even the occult world knows the power behind sex.
By sex you can take away your crown, steal your throne, pluck your graces, tear your tunic, steal your gold and silver, change your star, destroy your plans, suck your grace, kill you, bury you alive. . . Several failed after a 5-minute intercourse because of energy transfers and spirits. Many have killed their future because of a blood exchange.
Consider getting your partner through prayer.

Ask for the purification of our God. Surround yourself with devout people. Too many beautiful bodies have dangerous spirits and a dirty soul. Share this if you want to save a life and grant the salvation of Almighty GOD to many souls influenced by sex!
The SEX is not a bad thing on the condition that it is shared with the flesh of its flesh, the bones of its bones in marriage in God Almighty

Joe Johnson



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