How i though that this boy loved me?

How i though that this guy loved me? The story is related by Joshua Joskid member of Love Me Again Facebook group

A girl started noticing a guy
who stands in-front of her
home everyday in the
evening. She noticed the guy
always comes mostly in the
evenings and weekends. The
guy never tried to talk to her
nor showed any gesture, he
just moves here and there by
looking into his mobile
phone and occasionally
stealing a stare at her.
It went on like that for a year
and the girl understood that the
guy was in love with her but
was too shy to express his
feelings. So, she told her
parents. They too saw him
and liked him. They
discussed with her
grandparents about a likely
marriage. But wanted her to
make the first move. Next
day, she went to him and
said: “Hi. I’m Radha.” GUY:
“Hi. I’m Chris.” Hearing this,
the Girl was very happy as
the names were matching
like Lord Chris and Radha
Devi. The girl went on and
said: “I really appreciate your
patience and decency. You
have been standing in front
of my home everyday for
about a year now.
So, i understand that you are in
love with me but too shy to
say it. I think I really like you
too and would love it if we
get married.” The guy smiled
and Said: “Forgive me sister!
Actually your home’s WIFI
doesn’t have a password.
So, i come here every evening
after work to use free wi-fi to
chat with my Girlfriend!”
Who is right among the two, the girl or the guy?
What is the girl supposed to do?
Is the guy supposed to be coming there?

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