How Donald Trump and Kim-Jung Un could become best friends?

How Donald Trump and Kim-Jung Un could become best friends?
Love Me Again
 is ready to demonstrate how it is possible to love someone again even if many things have been lost in the beginning. The power is just an imagination that needs the common sense to live in peace without destroying people life but protecting it against inhuman acts on earth…
We all know how primordial is to save life of people. We all know how life is beautiful. And we all know also how killing other people is against God. Then whoever takes away someone life is definitively banned on this earth. So, obviously no one would like to face this. What to do? Just assume that your enemy respects God and loves people like you, and you love your life like he or she does too. How could it be acceptable for the enemy to exist? That would be impossible. There are not enemies, enemies only exist in our imagination.
USA president Donald Trump and North Corea president Kim-Jung Un  are not enemies. They both have the same objectives to achieve (protection). But what do they want to protect, human being life or their interests? Who would benefit on this battle if all is based on interests while billions of human beings are in danger? Who would consume what they possess as products if people cannot have peace? The solution? Look at the photos to understand what is the solution… Say stop to the war! Avoid being victim of ignorance.IMG_0079IMG_0089IMG_0091


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