How Africa could be shit hole?

Misusing words to offend people..?

Africa, Haiti you are shit hole. You are not welcome to USA. I prefer people from Norway or Asia, the real human beings. People with commonsense… those are people i need in USA. This is what is happening in United States of America actually. The USA president, Trump has had the right moment to express all his racism against the whole continent. Africa.

When the so called powerful country in the world, decides to provoke the humanity, the whole world pretends to be deft or blind. But when a poorest country in the world claims its independence, the hypocrisy shows its face full of hatred. Who to blame? African people or western people? The question is not to ask, but everybody knows what is going on. If you, young western boy or young western girl, someone calls your grand father, your grand mother even your ancestors, shit hole. What would you do?
The truth have not yet been known by many people who enjoy their life without stress, and this, day and night… ( someone is working for them to eat and to spend money any how and any time). When African people see their grand parent going to the camps to look for what the can eat to survive. Western grand fathers and grand mothers are feeding their nephews.  Meantime, hand robbers coming from far away stay on top, pretending to help Africa while stealing all the resources to maintain their economies. that is a pity! Why Africa is not supposed to be treated as shit? Since more than seven centuries, Africa has been working for the world to stand and to live in the highest level. The big industries know what is all about here. Google has the answer to what is happening to know the truth.
Now when all this will see the end? Is it fighting that would solve the problem? Would African people continue to admit all this injustice? When are they going to stand as a one man to say enough is a enough? If a single person ( Donald Trump) has a courage to insult the whole continent, that means nobody is living there. Which kind of leadership exists in Africa?
To protect the population or to neglect its importance? Love is the solution, is that true? If love is the solution, since when Africa started accepting foreigners? None can precise the time. Because Africa means love.
A normal human being cannot wake up early the morning having in mind to go and destroy the life of peaceful people in other side of the sea without any interest. ( Barack Obama, Sarkosy, Tony Blair) in Libya and in Ivory Coast, consecutively. Africa is a shit hole because the whole world is shit.

Now, say this: Stop to the war. Welcome to the peace


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