Facebook experiences based on disappointments through promises

She: i like you so much….. And want to be your friend.

Me: Yeah… same here. (In reality I don’t know that girl before that. But her cuteness and innocence convinced me for accepting her proposal)

After few conversations on Facebook we exchanged our numbers. And later on our daily conversations started. After three or four days of introduction on one of the high platform in the world

She: i love you…. Do you love me? I was really shocked… how a person can decide that he/she is in love with other in only four day conversations.

Me: we will talk about it later. The after one or two more try she reduced daily conversations. But later on after 2 months i was emotionally attached with her. So i decided to tell her about this after my exams. Sorry i forgot to tell you that, i was in my 12th standard and my exams was in next month. Time to talk a break like in this video

When my exams was over, i try to call her but number was switched off. Story end.

There was an another incident with other girl which also leads to end same as it is. After that experience… i come to know that why i am single.

I am single because…

  • I don’t know how to flirt.
  • I never make fake promises to any girl just for the sake of lust.
  • I never break trust of any girl.
  • I am little bit shy and introvert type person and don’t know how to propose a girl and express my feelings.

    And yes i am single and happy with it.

    For me Being single i more happy rather than feeling guilty for making fake promises and hurting any person. Facebook
    is helpful, some users are not.



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